How to get a manager as an influencer

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In this article, we will list five different ways on how to get a manager as an influencer. As a rising influencer, things may become overwhelming really quickly. Suddenly you feel like losing control over your daily workflow. You find yourself focusing on other things than making the content you want. Your attention is divided, the algorithm is the only thing you care about.

A manager might be able to help you regain control over your schedule, creative process and personal life. It will give you back the time you spent on optimizing your content, scheduling, keeping track of trends and other complement tasks, so you can create content instead.

How to get a manager as an influencer

1. Check out your emails

Believe it or not, influencer managers are always looking for new talent. Cold-call emails are usually the best starting point. Most may be of low quality and in some cases, they can be untrustworthy. However, this doesn’t mean that all of them are not genuine. In fact, we also send cold-call emails to influencers that we want to work with.

Nevertheless, it will take a bit of time to have a short list of emails that you want to know more about. Do research before replying, make sure that they provide services that you need. Check their pricing model, is it something you can accept?

2. Find a freelance manager on LinkedIn

There are many freelance managers on LinkedIn. All you need to do is search for them. What is good is that you can see their entire work experience and background. Some may even include a portfolio of their work with previous influencers. You can easily decide who you want to work with. Normally, you can negotiate prices with them and end up with a reasonable lower price than agencies.

Unlike agencies, freelancers can be more flexible and can offer services outside the usual. The downside of freelancers is the lack of accountability. They are, after all, individuals and not companies or agencies. If something goes wrong, then it might be difficult to hold them accountable.

3. Post an open position listing

Why look for one and not let them come to you? You can post a wanted position listing on your social media, LinkedIn, Glassdoor or any similar job sites. You just need to make the relationship between you and them, terms, goals, needs, and payment clear on the listing. Then both freelancers and agencies may contact you.

This way you have complete control over the process. However, this will be time consuming and may involve many rounds of interviews. Nevertheless, you have more information to vet potential candidates when they send over their resumé.

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4. Use hashtags to get discovered

This method is a long-term game. Just like brands, influencer managers are also exploring hashtags to find creators. For them, this is an easy way to discover accounts that are aligned with their services. For example, some may specialize in helping influencers in the beauty community. Then they would try to find accounts that frequently uses beauty related hashtags.

If you want to attract the right people, then this may be the best way to do it in the long run. Think of this as a way for potential managers to get to know you and see if you will be someone they can help. You will have less control over the process, but you the ones that contact you will more likely be suitable managers.

5. Do a Google search

This is the simplest way for you to find a manager, however, most freelancers would not appear on Google search. You can be quickly be overwhelmed or underwhelmed with options. As well as, you need to know what to search for and keywords to use to not waste your time on unrelated results. We recommend to use Google search if you want to know more about the management services out there.

It is a great way to do research on what you can expect and what are the realistic results. Many promises things that simply can’t be achieved and charges much higher price. With Google, you can find out about the industry standards and not get tricked.