About us

Our story

The idea of LokiClub is based on our work as digital specialists. Our job was to help small businesses to build up and manage their online presence by setting up a digital strategy, create a website, and optimizing their content. We soon realized that we can also help influencers and content creators.

After all, it is all about websites and optimizing. So, in 2020 we decided to pursue it further and started LokiClub to help the rapid growing number of influencers and content creators. Our small digital agency consists of digital specialists, SEO experts, and business consultants. 

We met at various networking events in 2017 and 2019. Some of us even recognized each other by usernames on the forums we all visit. When 2020 came, it became tough for all of us because our services are not essential, therefore we lost many clients. 

Nevertheless, after many nights of discussion, we decided to take the risk and opportunity to start LokiClub in 2020. Our mission is to stay flexible, because just like you, we want to improve ourselves constantly and seize every opportunity.

What we do

As your digital agency we don’t only assist you on your journey by creating a website for you. We are foremost optimization experts, we make you stand out from the crowd. This is achieved through analyzing trends and competition, identifying niches and finding the right keywords. The goal is to have high organic discovery rate with 24/7 promotion. We all know organic growth is infinite and doesn’t stop even when you aren’t working on it anymore. 

It is a long term strategy. Organic growth can attract more higher quality followers, boosts your relatability and credibility, gives you a competitive edge, increases engagement rate and can easily establish your brand. We optimize by making sure all the technical aspects of your website is fine, as well as finding trends and keywords to improve searchability and discoverability. This also includes understanding the readability and length of descriptions, the best way to convert visitors into followers, the optimal format of your content, and how to remain relevant. 

Of course, at the end of the day we can’t do much without your great content. We are your support. We make sure you stay on top on everything. You just need to focus on making the best content, and we take care of the background tasks and optimization. You will get back all the time you lost figuring out the landscape, time you can spend on building a relationship with your followers.