Digital creator vs blogger: What’s the difference?

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If you are confused about the new buzz words like “content creation”, “influencer marketing”, and “sponsored blogs/posts”, then you are not alone. Businesses looking to promote their brand digitally using social media often hear these words. Nowadays, collaborating with “digital creators” is the next new trend. But, what do they actually mean? Is there a difference between digital creator vs blogger?  

The intent behind

Let’s start with differentiating these terms with intent. A digital creator’s intent is to create content, including photographs, articles, videos and such, in the digital space. A blogger’s intent is to write blogs about a particular niche for their readers.

The main difference is that a blogger has a target audience and their content relates to a niche. They are also usually limited to one platform, their blog. On the other hand, a digital creator can create content for anyone, anywhere online, and about anything.

What is a digital creator?

A digital creator is not the same as a content creator, as their creations must be online, such as on Youtube, Instagram or Tiktok. A content creator can produce materials for traditional offline media, such as newspapers. Their main job, however, is the same, to create.

Unfortunately, being a creator is usually synonymous with being an influencer. That is because once they gain a strong following, many see them becoming influencers. However, we argue the difference lay in the original intent and not the outcome.

From a brand’s perspective, they would look for a digital creator if they need help expressing, or raise awareness for, their brand’s image or message in an effective way. They need someone to create photos, articles, or videos of their products or services for them. Today, readers want more storytelling, as opposed to carefully created branded messages. Therefore, the creators tend to build a narrative first. Usually the longevity of their creations is relatively short. As once the public loses interest, their content will fade away.

What is a blogger?

A blogger is someone who has built an online community surrounding their niche of interest. A blogger usually has an engaged audience, and the content the blogger creates is for their followers. They are seen as a trustworthy voice for both their regular and new readers. Their goal tends to be in it for the long term. Much of their blogs, depending on their SEO, are aimed at driving consistent traffic over the years.

Brands hire bloggers to drive conversions, not just awareness. Bloggers will also use storytelling in their blogs to talk about the product or service. However, the narrative generally follows their overall story. In other words, they will not force in a sponsorship, rather weave it in naturally with their other blog posts. For example, they are less likely to take on a brand deal about makeup if their blog is about taking care of pets. Rather, they would accept deals about pet food.

In short

The major difference between digital creator vs blogger, is digital creators focus on creating content online. Whereas, bloggers not only make content for a niche, but also takes into consideration the long-term effect, their followers and blog narrative.